Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Shoe-ssentials

Happy Saturday! Now that Spring has officially arrived, I cannot wait to put my boots away and add some colorful shoes to my Spring wardrobe.  I've put together my top 5 shoe trends for Spring that I can't wait to try out.  Hope you enjoy!

1) Floral flats -
This adorable pair is from Gap and on sale for only $28. 

2) Nude Booties -
I love the laser-cut detail on these booties from Sole Society. They come in a great blush color as well!

3) Bright Sandals -
These colorful sandals from Modcloth would be adorable with a simple sundress or boyfriend jeans.

4) Classic Nude Wedges -
I just bought this pair from Sole Society and can't wait to wear them on our trip to Savannah next weekend!
5) Fun & Colorful Heels
I absolutely love these shoes from Sophia Webster and would love to buy them...if they were a 10th of the price. I'm on the lookout for a similar, but much more affordable pair :)

Are there any Spring shoe trends that you're excited to try? Let me know :)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To: Style an Entryway

Over the last year or so, I've fallen in love with all things home decor and interior design.... I guess that means I'm getting older!  I had been searching for the perfect entryway table over the last few months and finally found one at an antiques market on Sunday.  My husband and I LOVE to go antiquing on the weekends (OK, so this must mean we are really getting old - I swear, we are only 24!).  If you're in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend checking out the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market - they have some great stuff! Like any antiques market, some of the vendors are very proud of their merchandise, but great deals can be found with a little determination.

We scored this table for $100 and it is perfect for our space (which is pretty small).  I also think it fits well with our wannabe craftsman/farmhouse decor!

Faux Plant - Garden Ridge; Metal "K" - Homegoods; Lamp - Target; Basket - Homegoods; Mirror - Hobby Lobby; Suitcases & Entryway Table - Antiques; Rug - Garden Ridge.

 I'm sure I'll continue tweaking this space overtime, but wanted to go ahead and share 3 easy tips to styling a warm and inviting entryway-

1. Add a mirror - Having a mirror above, or even leaning on, your entryway table will add interest and depth to the space.  Plus, you'll have somewhere to check your teeth/makeup before heading out the door! I really like my little circle mirror from Hobby Lobby, but may end up getting something larger to put here.

2. Add height - It's important to keep your space balanced, which can easily be done by adding items of varying heights. On either end, I incorporated taller items (the lamp and plant) in order to add balance to the table.  In the middle of the table, I added a small silver dish (lower height) for car keys. 

3. Add storage - While the entryway table does have drawers (which are lined with the cutest paper btw), I added a basket below for extra storage.  The suitcases on the other hand, are merely for decoration...and maybe to help hide a pesky lamp cord :).

I hope these tips are helpful! I've found there's no exact formula to styling a space...for me, it's all about how the space makes you feel.  I hope I've achieved warm and inviting here :)

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Monday, March 3, 2014

In Bloom

I am so glad that Spring is just around the corner! I cannot wait to add some feminine and floral pieces to my wardrobe.  While I'll definitely be opting for more affordable items (although the blouse is a steal), sometimes it's fun to get inspired and put together a dream outfit.  Happy Tuesday!