Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beauty: Storing & Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Nice makeup brushes are key to applying your makeup well and can often be pretty expensive.  A few brush sets at Sephora cost over $200 - yikes!  While nice sets can be found at more affordable price points, brushes are something you should definitely not cheap out on, as they can really make a huge difference in your makeup application.  Cheaper brushes can leave bristles on your cheeks and absorb make up, in turn forcing you to use more product.  Nice brushes are a great investment and can last a long time when you care for them properly.  I like to store my brushes standing up, as seen in the picture above.  I picked up these cute purple tumblers at an antique store a few weeks ago and filled them with acrylic beads from Michael's.  They're perfect for keeping my brushes clean and organized!

While storing your brushes vertically can help keep the bristles clean (as opposed to tossing them in a dirty makeup bag or drawer), it is definitely important to clean your brushes on a regular basis.  Most dermatologists recommend shampooing brushes at least once a week - which doesn't always happen for me! When I do shampoo my brushes, I like to use Sephora's Purifying Brush Shampoo.

Cleaning brushes is easy, but here are a few pointers - Always hold your brush with the bristles pointed towards the floor when wet - otherwise water can seep into the base/handle and cause your brush to deteriorate.  First, dampen your brush under cool water (bristles down, ladies!) and squeeze some shampoo onto the palm of your hand (a clean hand, obviously).  Swirl your brush in the shampoo to lather, then rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.  Gently squeeze bristles to remove excess water.  Pat your brush on a lint free towel to further dry and gently shape bristles into their original form.  Lay brush flat on a clean cloth to finish drying.

When I don't have time to shampoo my brushes, I like to use Sephora's Daily Brush Cleaner.  Just spray a bit onto your brushes and gently swirl on a clean lint free cloth to get rid of excess makeup.  The spray is super easy to use and only takes a moment - no rinsing required!

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?  Do you have a favorite brush cleaner or favorite brush brand?  Let me know!



  1. great post, this is so helpful because I'm really bad with cleaning my makeup brushes! I try to shampoo them at least once a fortnight but that doesn't usually happen... would love if you could check out my blog :)